Consistent branding

Brand your interface with LookBook Pro so the catalog has the same look as your company.

Instant updates

Say goodbye to outdated paper catalogs. With LookBook Pro – Instant Update, your updates are available to all your sales team and customers immediately.

Unlimited product details

Each product can have unlimited images and attributes allowing you to tailor LookBook Pro to your specific needs, whether it is multiple catalogs or sub-categories.

Showcase your products on a TV

When you’re not closing a sale, let your digital assets continue to work for you. LookBook Pro can showcase your products on HD TVs when the application is not being used using the built in Showcase feature.

Client history, orders and reports

Print client orders and leave a visual record of everything they have requested. With LookBook Pro you can give your clients something much more than just some product SKUs or serial numbers to refer back to! You can also access all previous orders.

Integrate with existing systems

Built with Enterprise integration in mind, LookBook Pro can integrate with your business seamless so that product updates in your order entering system are immediately available world-wide.

Digital order entry

LookBook Pro– Order Entry is a set of sophisticated order entry tools that allow you and your customers to create, edit and send your sales requests easily and quickly.

Customer wish lists

Customers not yet ready to buy? They can create a wish list and send it to themselves via email using our Custom Select feature.

No Internet Needed

Your digital catalog is available even when no internet connection is available. Sales data is stored and synced when you are back online.

LookBook Pro 360° views

360° View allows you to rotate your product 360° and see the product from different angles or close up.